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Camp But God (N.P.O) is the name. We feed & clothe the less fortunate, mentor youth & young adult's, all while partnering with other companies for the purpose of edification, one to another. Each one teach one is the motto. Camp But God is built to uplift encourage & inspire others to be their greatest self. 

In order for this to work, we need volunteers, partners & sponsors. We buy blank clothing, marketing tools & then place our logo on the clothing/material. We print wristbands, hats, shirts etc. for all 4 seasons, unisex & children. The needs are hats/beanies, hoodies & socks to name a few. Our goal is to give these things away to the less fortunate community without cost. They need coverings for every season. We give every person 3 outfits per season.


Camp But God is also a mentorship program. We mentor young adults ages 14-28. Currently, we take 2 days out of the week to have one on one sessions & group sessions for those seeking our help. We have well trained,  professional volunteer support  for many areas, including but not limited to: mental health, housing, food, jobs & behavioral issues. 

Your tax deductible monetary support is very much needed for this organization to work. We have several levels of giving, being that everyone doesn't have the same financial situation. We made it easy for everyone to donate. 

Monthly: $50 $75 $100 (once a month)

Quarterly: $150 $225 $300 (once every 3 months)

Bi-Annually: $500 $750 $1,000 (once every 6 months)

Annually: $1,500 $2,000 $2,500 (once every 12 months)


These Monetary Gifts are used as examples, but can be taken into consideration. You can give more or less. We thank you for your donation & all the help it will bring to the world. Everything isn't always about money, we need all hands on deck too!! If your heart is matching ours please contact us. 

If you'd like to volunteer simply Subject Line: CBG Volunteer Give us the reason you'd love to volunteer & what area you're trained in, to help with moving the mission forward.



Thank You, 

Camp But God (N.P.O)

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