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Hot seat with IC Jonez definitely lives up to its name for being placed front and center asking questions of your endeavors and successes. Hot seat was created by Gospel Rap entrepreneur IC Jonez back in 2017. He started doing interviews on his Facebook live, featuring artists, authors, and entrepreneurs alike.

In the early stages, IC would “pull up” and interview his stars wherever they were available. He even had a season spin off entitled “ Hot Seat in the Streets with IC Jonez” where he would interview people young and old right on the streets of Las Vegas, asking them questions to spark conversation. IC’s gift of gab landed him a spot on radio station HOT702.5FM as an independent contractor back in February 2019, and has been elevating since.

Once IC got the swing of things on the airwaves, he partnered with Sir Charles Tatum assisting with the launch of “ Vegas Striving Artist” on HOT702.5FM in September 2019. he went on to become a co-host on another radio show also on HOT702.5FM entitled “ My Rap Mentor with Eric Stacks” from  January 2020 through January 2021.


Currently IC has moved networks, and now is streaming " Hot Seat With IC JONEZ " on Room Service Radio You can catch IC on “ Hot Seat with IC Jonez” every Friday evening.


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